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The world's leading design, prototyping, and build platform for voice apps.

April 2019
March 2019
Brand Design IconBrand Design
voiceflow sketch wordmark
voiceflow wordmark
Voiceflow forbes
Voiceflow old logo

Looking at Voiceflow's previous logomark, it paired a lettermark with the Lato typeface. While typefaces like Lato are crafted for clarity, they can sometimes lack the distinct character and personality desired in a standout wordmark.

Voiceflow interface thumbnail

From idea — sketches to manual digitizing and tight refining. Voiceflow's final wordmark is memorable and ownable, making Voiceflow stand out amongst its competitors.

Voiceflow, a platform for building conversational AI experiences, raises $15M


The feed that generates automated insights from your marketing apps.

Jan, 2020
Feb, 2020
Brand Design iconBrand Design
Gretel wordmark logo sketch
Gretel logo wordmark
Gretel logo
Gretel raises a $700,000 pre-seed round


Y Combinator backed fintech firm providing digital banking solutions to credit unions and community banks.

Nov, 2020
Dec, 2020
Brand Design IconBrand Design
bankjoy old logo

Bankjoy's previous logo showcased a slab wordmark. As they grew, the need for a fresh, custom-tailored wordmark became evident. The new wordmark serves as a pivotal foundation, symbolizing their evolution and readiness to thrive in the competitive fintech landscape.

Bankjoy logo concept by another agency

Before hiring us. Bankjoy had previously collaborated with another design agency, but the outcomes fell short of their expectations. That's when Michael Duncan, Bankjoy's CEO, approached us. Acknowledging our expertise in custom typography, they sought our assistance not only to refine their wordmark but also to establish a comprehensive visual identity.

Bankjoy sketches
Bankjoy logo wordmark
Bankjoy typography
Bankjoy Brand Guidelines
bankjoy interfaces
Bankjoy logo
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